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Dermal Repair Cream

Your skin is a significant asset to you, due to the major fact that it is the first line of defense against the outside world. With this being the case, your skin does tend to take a beating against these elements, as the outside world hits you with weather changes and human-made pollutants, your skin is in more danger than ever before. So, we at Peace. Love. Med. have just the thing to help you in your struggle for better and healthier looking skin, the Senté® Dermal Repair Cream. Here are some things you should know about this product so you can make the right decision and get some today.

What Makes It Special?

woman's face up closeWhat separates it from most other skin creams is the presence of HSA (Heparan Sulfate Analog) in its makeup; this compound helps promote cell division and cellular regulation, which helps, in turn, heal and regulate the damage your skin has taken. HSA has been used in clinical healing for many years now, in particular regarding open sores and wounds. This shows that this collection of polymers is utilized explicitly in the healing of the human body, specifically the skin and flesh.

What Does It Do?

Dermal Repair Cream promotes a few qualities when it interacts with our skin. You will see a decline in the appearance of wrinkles and lines on your skin; you will see an improvement in your skin’s youthful appearance, skin texture, and firmness. Most who have utilized this product have noticed fine lines and wrinkles significantly reduced as early as the first two weeks.

Peace. Love. Med.

Here at Peace Love Med, we utilize the entire array of dermal fillers, as well as other facial rejuvenation treatments such as Botox.

Our experts have a great deal of experience in administering these life-changing cosmetic injections, so you can always walk in and out of our clinic with confidence.

You can find us in the heart of East Boca at 64 S Federal Hwy, Boca Raton, FL 33432.

So why wait? If you feel like your face is sagging or that you need a bit more volume in your cheeks, then give us a call today!






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