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Emsculpt is Making a Statement in Aesthetic Medicine

We are no longer in the time of people searching for liposuction as a means to lose stubborn belly fat. With so many alternative options available, surgical procedures aren’t the only solutions for clients. A ton of non-invasive methods assist several parts of the body, but none go after muscle contraction like Emsculpt. Word of mouth with this machine has been outstanding across the world of aesthetic medicine, and anyone in the Boca Raton area won’t find this procedure anywhere else.

What is Emsculpt?

Similar to Coolsculpting and Sculpsure, Emsculpt is another method of contouring the body through a non-invasive treatment. This machine uses an electromagnetic field to target muscles directly and force contractions that initiate muscle growth and fat loss. Muscle contraction happens whenever we put our body to work, but with Emsculpt, clients will feel over 20,000 contractions with each 30-minute session.

How Does the Procedure Work?

Every session that clients receive the treatment experience at least four appointments spread out over a week or so into 30-minute sittings. The machine uses high-intensity focused electromagnetics to enhance the contractions that cannot be achieved through exercise. Clients report that it feels similar to vibrations and intense tightening throughout the procedure.

How Quickly Do Results Surface?

Concrete results should appear directly after the treatment. However, after the final Emsculpt process, positive results were reported after two to four weeks and continue showing promise well afterward.

Considering that this process is unlike other body contouring methods, it’s a bonus that it requires no downtime whatsoever. There isn’t any pre- or post-treatment preparations that need to take place. Just get up and go about your regular schedule when finished.

Peace Love Med

Our office is the pinnacle of aesthetic procedures in Boca Raton. We have acquired the top of the line equipment into our repertoire, and all of our team members have received specialized training to provide our clients with the comfortable atmosphere they deserve. Other aestheticians in Boca Raton aren’t utilizing this machine, Peace Love Med is staying ahead of the competition by keeping tabs on technology advancements in the industry.

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