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Get Beach Body Ready with Coolsculpting

Summer is fast approaching, and that means one thing for most of us Florida residents, beach time. That is right we have weathered the chilly winter and moved through the humidity and overbearing pollen of spring to arrive at the time for sun, sand, and fun. But, most people in Florida do not feel ready for showing off their beach body. Well, no need to worry, as Peace. Love. Med. has just what you need to feel more confident in putting on your bathing suit again; we offer our Coolsculpting procedure to help you reach your desired look. Let us go into a little more detail about the process and results for your consideration.

What is Coolsculpting?

Coolscuplting is a safe and non-intrusive procedure that utilizes controlled cooling to comfortably and efficiently target fat cells beneath the skin. These fat cells become crystallized and die off; this in turn, over time, allows the body to naturally process the fat and eliminate the cells, resulting in a more sculpted appearance. Because of the natural way these fat cells are treated they will be processed as opposed to just moving to another part of the body.

Best Results Possible

For you to see the best results in our Coolsculpting procedure there are a couple of things to consider:

  • Make sure you are already close to your ideal weight.
  • Coolsculpting works best on upper arms, thighs, abdomen, and chin areas.
  • Remember, this is not a weight-loss procedure, and should not be treated as such. Use this procedure along with a healthy lifestyle for the best possible result.
  • Multiple visits will establish the best results in the process.

Why Peace. Love. Med for Coolsculpting Treatment?

Peace. Love. Med is staffed with a certified and highly skilled team of therapists that are more than capable of accomplishing the task. We will make sure you are happy with the results of your treatment.

Peace. Love. Med.

Here at Peace Love Med, we utilize the entire array of dermal fillers, as well as other facial rejuvenation treatments such as Botox.

Our experts have a great deal of experience in administering these life-changing cosmetic injections, so you can always walk in and out of our clinic with confidence.

You can find us in the heart of East Boca at 64 S Federal Hwy, Boca Raton, FL 33432.

So why wait? If you feel like your face is sagging or that you need a bit more volume in your cheeks, then give us a call today!



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