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The 411 on Hydrafacials


As with any form of cosmetic procedure, just the name of the process alone isn’t enough to any remove any concerns that someone might do hydrafacials work

Hydrafacial is a unique method of cleansing facial skin cells through the use of four separate water pumps. While the spiral tip of the pump removes unwanted substances from your pores, it also sends a special serum to them filled with antioxidants. This simultaneously cleans your skin while ensuring that it stays cleansed for an extended period.

Is it Safe?

Yes! Due to the painless and un-intrusive nature of the procedure, there is little to no risk involved. Additionally, it is low-maintenance, given that the rejuvenating results are long-lasting.

Compared to similar exfoliating procedures, hydrafacials are the best option for people who dislike having their face aggressed by various instruments. The tool used to perform hydrafacials does not poke or prod the face, and instead feels like a vibrating brush moving across the skin.

What are the Effects?

do hydrafacials hurt

Those who undergo hydrafacials have reported brighter, clearer skin as well as a decrease in the number of blackheads and dark spots on their face. The process can also minimize wrinkles and fine lines, leaving the skin more youthful.

The various positive effects of the procedure go hand in hand with its gentle nature to create a desirable option for those who want to refresh their skin without the pain of similar treatments.

Peace Love Med

Have you always wanted to try it but never had the courage to do it alone? You don’t have to take our word for it. You can try it today for yourself, right here in our Zen Den. Give us a call today to schedule a hydrafacial treatment and see how radiant your skin can be, plus bring a friend along for a radiant buddy discount!

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