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Why does Botox have a Bad Reputation?

Why does Botox have a Bad Reputation?

It’s okay to care about how you look.

botox has a bad reputationIn this day and age, everyone is fighting for how they look. Whether you’re at the gym working hard or staying adamant about enjoying your life and not caring about appearances, everyone cares about their image.

So why does it feel like there is still a stigma on Botox? For many people who work on keeping their bodies fit and their figure kept together, it’s almost tragic to have lines appearing on your face when you’re working harder than many people half your age.

Some people feel it’s justified to get botox to look the way they feel, and there shouldn’t be anything wrong with that, so how did botox enter the public perception and when did it become something that people look down upon?

Why does Botox have a Bad Reputation

Botox has only been around for roughly 15 years. April 2002 is the first recorded government clearance to inject botox.

Since then it has been seen in numerous celebrities and actors/actresses alike. One psychologist suspects that since “people were fondly remembering people who they grew up with and botox became a reminder to them that they were getting older when their childhood idols were not.”

If people want to take care of themselves and get Botox, it shouldn’t have a negative effect on the viewer since it makes the person feel good.

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